Ljudmila Linnik

Portugal, Finland, Turkey, Hungary 2 years 3 months

Ljudmila Linnik is a professor at the Tallinn Health Care College in the Chair of Nursing. Discussions with international colleagues on topics like “what’s the best way to remove necrotic tissue” and “which patch to use for ulcers” turned into an Erasmus+ strategic cooperation project that Estonia coordinated. In this episode, Ljudmila talks honestly about what managing or participating in a project like this really bring with it; what you should pay attention to right from the beginning or what mishaps might happen on the way. Project management isn’t just a huge responsibility but also an opportunity and a new experience. And as it turns out, also an example, because multiple of her colleagues have written and gotten funding for their Erasmus+ strategic cooperation projects. “Relax – listen and don’t answer right away” – Ljudmila’s biggest takeway from the project.

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