Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility grant top-up for students with fewer opportunities: Regulations in Estonia

Starting from 2022 projects there is a possibility for incoming students to receive a fewer opportunity top-up for their Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) grant in Estonia. For such top-up the student has to fall under one of the groups mentioned below and has to present a confirmation about it. 

The incoming students that have the right for the top-up in Estonia are:

  • low-income background/household students (receipients of their national low-income support/grant, but not limited to that)
  • students who are parents of minor child/children
  • students with foster care background
  • students with diminished work ability.

To confirm that they fall under one of the categories the student has to fill in a form of Declaration of Honour to confirm the need and right to receive the top-up. The form has to be signed by the student and their sending institution (the heigher education institution they are enrolled to in their home/study country) and presented to the receiving Estonian higher education institution responsible for the Erasmus+ grant.