Estonian Intensive
Language courses

The aim of the ESTILC is to teach the basics of Estonian language and at the same time provide incoming Erasmus+ students with an opportunity to integrate with each other and with Estonian culture.

The courses are financed by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

The format of ESTILC courses is similar to former EILC courses.

ESTILC winter courses 2022

There will be 1 ESTILC winter course organised in Tartu in January, 2022 by:

University of Tartu, 10-28.01.2022

For more detailed information please click on the name of the course organiser.

The ESTILC application form must be filled in electronically and submitted by the deadline 06.12.2021. Registration link here:

The courses are free of charge! (The organiser may ask for a small fee for the cultural programme.)

ESTILC courses can be attended regardless of the university you will spend your exchange semester/year.

Feedback from ESTILC attendees in 2021:

“This was an amazing experience and I think it is a good idea to start with the cultural program first because we can make some friends before the lessons and have a better overview of the Estonian culture. It’s also easier to learn estonian after the cultural program because we have already started to learn some words and we are able to recognize them. I am very glad I did this program, we have a wonderful time and I will definitely recommend to others students to do this program. Thank you so much for this opportunity!”


“Perfect experience to arrive in a country and integrate as a group of exchange students. Very pleased with the program for its diversity of activities and the amount estonian learnt. Very useful for the day to day life in Estonia. Väga meeldiv!”